The Scientist Today

A scientist is that person who continuously seeks knowledge that enables humanity better understands the world. Advanced scientists do explore our world and also the many other worlds in our galaxy as well as the many billions of galaxies in the universe.
I would like to detail more on the advanced scientist in this context. Just like the many specialties basic scientist s can base their science on; politics, weather, physics, maths, biology and many more, advanced scientists also do have varied specialties. However, all advanced scientists and a couple of basic scientist do understand one thing as a common bond:-
“There are many worlds out there that support civilized life forms out there. Indeed, most of the life forms in the interstellar civilizations are millions of years more civilized than we humans are!”
I understand that there are many scientists who claim to be much more advanced today who don’t know of any civilized extraterrestrial life. When looking for the categories of the scientist, in my estimation, this type of scientist should be regarded as a basic scientist regardless to their achievements and experience.
It reaches a point in the exploration of the nature where the physics and the science education become useless in the quest for nature knowledge. In fact, limited knowledge of science is used by the set institutions in my view to confuse and suppress the truth of the science itself. The biggest problem is that the most advanced technologies have been channeled to the cartel organizations run or manned by a small part of the officials who lead the legal science institutions.
There is a paradigm shift happening in the world already. Humanity is tapping on the spiritual awareness which in real sense is the advancement of science. Ideally, beyond the common science that human is taught in the learning institutions is the spiritualism which at times may be confused to beliefs or religion. It is good to understand therefore, that spiritualism is an advanced science.